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2202 Disparate garrafal del gobierno. Remitido en idioma inglés por la empresa ANTALIS THINGS.

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Garrafal nonsense of the government: lack of the Ministry of
Digital Technology MTD. Proposal to vote on a proposal to the State on training and control of the use of sensors

In order to be able to comply, in an acceptable manner, with its first twoobligations: the defense of life and health and the promotion of full employment and high wages, governments should promote the maximum use of the of Intelligent Digital Devices DDI. For which it is essential and urgent the creation of a new star ministry, the today there are no BATs.

Health depends to a great extent on the quality of the food we eat.we ingest, from the air we breathe and from the water we drink. to avoid,at least considerably reduce, toxicities there is only one tool, DDI, fully effective, instantaneous, automatic and low cost capable of controlling pollution. No matter how big the number of DDIs to be used on an agricultural holding,small, medium or large, will always be profitable. Your unit cost could be of the order of 15 euros unit. And even less.

There are DDI that control humidity and temperatures warning, or starting or cutting, irrigation systems, with the help of the consequent savings and higher farm yields, Other devices located remotely or in fixed warehouses or in
containers in circulation. There are many companies, e.g. sector

There are many companies, e.g. sector, which have billions of euros in circulation.loss or theft more than compensates for the cost of IADs, up to and including point of allowing the payment of better salaries, increasing benefits and
reduce sales prices. These DDI Locators allow you to locate
tractires and machinery and tillage implements or any type of act.
In both cases, the DDI increases the profitability of the businesses and to lower sales prices by defending the companies in the market.risk of closure for continued losses.

Personally, I consider freedom and the right to property to be essential,but NOBODY should be able to play with jobs and even less with the Everything has a limit: the common good. That's why I consider it to be requires official intervention and control, in particular with regard to
of health and life.

From these considerations arises the idea of the great need for BAT,not as a mere repressive organism, but as a defence aid.of health and prosperity for all. It is therefore worth highlighting the functions, duties and powers of the new Super Ministry star, the BAT.

- Main characteristics of the BAT:


The existence of different official bodies in the current structure ministerial committees responsible for health, employment,education and the economy,among others, can cause collisions of one against another. What it is good for health can harm the economy and vice versa. It and urgent to establish a single organization that will coordinate the
general common interest. That organization must, of necessity, use theDDI.


These days we are talking about the low levels of quality of the primary and secondary education in some Spanish Autonomous Communities, according to the PISA reports. But no one comments on the bad quality in Universities and
Schools of Engineering. For example, in medical schools there are no teach absolutely nothing about the essential Regulation 178/2002 of the on Food Safety and the Environment. And practically in all higher education institutions nor are sensors mentioned with the exception of the School of Engineers of Telecommunications. It is essential that from primary school onwards you learn the
essential importance for all that has the massive use of DDI.

In the Schools of Agricultural Engineers they are unaware of the aforementioned Regulation and the use of DDI to control toxic contamination from land, water or atmosphere by means of DDI...
In the Universities of Economics they ignore the enormous importance of the use of water.of DDI to ensure the profitability of the companies through of the use of DDI.


These reasons call for the creation of the BAT, which, in short, must have the following functions:

.1) To propose to Parliament sufficient legislation to consider the lack of use of DDI, at least in the agricultural sector.the food industry. United to the defense to the farmers and stockbreeders of the dumping of agricultural and food oligopolies.

.2) Creation and implementation of training centres and
training in the use of DDI. Pre-stationing of subsidies and
tax advantages to correct users of the new Digital Law.

.3) Supervision of DDI use controls in ministries
employment, health, education and economy.


There are more important tasks but your relationship remains for the following articles.
It is of great importance that at the Digital Days in Berlin it is reach a joint agreement of the majority of companies in the sector to present proposals of the type already expressed. And to demand a complete information in all media

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